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Exhibitor's Press Release



Release Date: September 14, 2018 by CONG TY TNHH KYORITSU BUSSAN VIET NAM



For over 5 years of establishment and development, Kyoritsu Bussan Viet Nam Co.,Ltd, which is located in Dong An 2 Industrial Park, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province has a factory of 4370m2, 100% of investment capital from Japan together with 200 employees is pround of being the best plastic processing enterprise. With the inheritment of 40 years of experience from our parent company, our strengths are processing plastic injection, printing and paint spraying products made from plastic and especially we have been developing strongly water transfer printing technology and expanding our produce area which is lipstick.

In order to catch up with modern trends to meet customer needs which creates a solid foundation for sustainable development in the the future.2018 is a turning point that marks the breakthrough for Kyoritsu Bussan Viet Nam. We have re-inforced the top position in the field of plastic processing domestically and gradually expanding  internationnally. Kyoritsu Bussan VN is on the way to develop production, build brand and always pay attention to training human resources, always be evaluated by customers and partners such as Casio, Sony, Sumitomo, Kawasaki, Kawaguchi, Samsung, Panasonic as a good parter in the outsourcing business, providing the best products and providing the most satisfying customer service. Its means that Kyoritsu Bussan is one of the important chains that create international values that ensure quality and service to our customers.

With advanced Japanese technology as well as a team of experienced professionals from Japan and around the world, we always give customers satisfaction in product quality. With the quality slogan: "The first step is important, the following step is all for customers", We are constantly innovating strategy to bring customers the best products.

We have modern machines and production lines such as Sumitomo injection molding machines, automatic painting lines and robot coatings, water- transfer printing, and printing systems plus excellent and professional management teams. Kyoritsu Bussan Vietnam confidently meet all the needs of customers.

 Apart from plastic processing, Kyoritsu Bussan has been expanding its line to lipstick field. KISS BRAND is a lipstick brand of Kyoritsu Bussan company with the desire to bring women sweet lips.

Kyoritsu Bussan Vietnam shall continue to improve its position by enhancing its value and striving to deliver "Customer Satisfaction"




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