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Leaders In Talc

Release Date: September 3, 2018 by GOLCHA ASSOCIATED EXPORTS LLP



India is one of the leading producers of talc having reserves of 269 million tonnes, of various grades.

Golcha associated is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of talc and kaolin (china clay), operating few of the largest open cast mines in Asia.

The process involved in mining is marked by a methodological plan, right from geological survey of potential reserves, estimation of quantities, controlled blasting practices; while employing utmost emphasis on ecological balance using state of the art equipment for mining, processing and packaging.

Talc mined and refined from our mines is globally appreciated for its purity, Lamelarity & platy structure, high brightness and opacity. Kaolin is one of the most abundant minerals and common constituent found in the earth’s crust, constitute dominant properties like abrasion resistance, easy dispersion, gel strength and low sheer viscosity. The platelet shape makes both the minerals good at cutting out light, which is why they are extensively used as an extender and filler in paints.


Golcha’s array of refined minerals, cater widely to the paint industry along with others such as paper, rubber, plastics, engineering plastics and ultramarine industries. The research and development team fosters a keen desire to keep a periodic check on the ever changing market demands. We embody a team of staunch experts and stalwarts who stand prodigious in discerning the client’s perspective.


Our expertise lies in assisting, client’s, augment their process by refining the grades and developing tailor made solutions to find an exact application in their process, enhancing their product performance. Our two tier quality management system has enabled us to establish trust and maintain a potent presence in 36 countries across 5 continents.

Products and Service: (Overview)

Golcha Associated Group grows through innovation – creating new products, pioneering new technologies, providing solutions to customers and enabling processes of tomorrow. We practice the fundamentals of R&D – with deep root long expertise, immense capabilities, huge potential to grow and networks that are unparalleled in the industry. A state-of-the-art production procedure is adopted to pay close attention & monitor mining, technology and safety.

In order to fulfill the requirements of our valuable customer as per their expectation, we have created a Most Modern & Unique facility of TALC Processing at Udaipur where Talc for applications like Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Paints, Rubber, Ceramics, Animal Feed etc., are processed in fully automated, PLC controlled plant, which is a state of art facility to maintain all requirements of such applications during processing.


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