13-16 SEPT, 2017

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Flow Wrapping Machine


Model: CRIMA



Category: MOULD

Booth No.: 502A


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CRIMA is a wrapping / packing machine able to operate in horizontal, vertical or inclined position. The position is chosen by the operator through a simple hand wheel, in order to make more comfortable insertion of
the product. CRIMA works with different types of films: polypropylene, polythene, coupled films of polythene + polypropylene / polypropylene + polyester / paper + polythene + polypropylene. Smooth surface,
perforated, printed, transparent polythene grid.

* Adjustable forming tunnel to set the width of the bag
* Outfeed conveyor for horizontal position
* Shaft reel holder for 700mm film
* Touch screen for control and command
* Couple of wheels for longitudinal sealing


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